The ’33’ Touchdown Club is an organization that provides those with an affiliation with football a chance to socialize, network and discuss ways to give back to the sport that has been a rewarding part of their lives. The club gives back by recognizing and in some cases assisting individuals who have distinguished themselves, both on and off the football field. These individuals could be currently involved in the game, as well as those who were active in the past.
year to give members a chance to socialize with old and new friends in addition to raising money to support deserving scholar/athletes.(EVENTS). The common thread among the members is their affiliation with football. The membership consists of former players, coaches, officials, and managers with backgrounds in the NFL, college and high school. Current membership represents forty eight colleges. The club continues to explore ways to contribute to the football community.
Since formally becoming a club in 2005, the '33' Touchdown Club’s membership has gone from 6 members to over 400. This rapid growth was achieved strictly through  word-of-mouth. The club gathers five times a
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